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Why your Accountant and Mortgage Broker should work together?

Hello Everyone. Proud to share our sit down with finance broker Michael James from the loan market discussing why your accountant and mortgage broker should work together.

Cant decide if you want your accountant and mortgage broker to work together?

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Overview of this video

Mortgage (Finance) Broker: Michael James.

Michael is a finance broker with loan market who is able to assist clients to obtain finance that may include commercial loans, residential loans, assets and equipment finance.

Working with Zannettou & Co Chartered Accountants.

Zannettou & Co Chartered Accountants located in Campbelltown, servicing the Macarthur region are professionals who are here to help our clients with their needs and reaching their goals.

Regulations for Lending.

Over the years, the government has introduced a range of regulations. The changes may affect the clients borrowing capacity as well as there is eligibility.

Eligibility for Lending.

Lenders look at various type of income when assessing a loan. The way an accountant prepares the client information to the broker is the difference between clients obtaining finance or even obtaining the amount of finance they might require.

How to find the right loan using a mortgage broker?

Brokers have a lending panel of over 30 different banks and lending institutions. This enables the broker to draw upon all the different credit policies that all those banks have and matching the client to the right loan that would allow them to maximise their borrowing potential and making sure that they’re eligible for the loan that they’re applying for.

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