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Conveyancing Tips When Investing In Property

Hello Everyone. Proud to share our sit down with conveyancing expert Jean Galloway discussing general tips about investing in property. 

Want to know more about purchasing a property whether it be for investing or residential?

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Overview of this video

What is a conveyancer role?

A conveyancer has a license to do legal work such as preparing documents, giving legal advice on contracts and explaining the implications.

Growth in Macarthur property market.

The growth in the Macarthur region suburbs including Narellan, Oran Park and Camden has risen. Many investors are looking to maximise rental income by buying an older house and building a granny flat (making it a dual dwelling property).

What should you consider when investing in a property?

Consider engaging in the right professionals before investing in a property. Professionals such as your accountant, financial planner, and mortgage broker could help with your investment repayments, other unexpected payments required, tax obligations and much more.

Conveyancing Changes.

As of 1st July 2018 electronic settlements will be compulsory in all matters settling in NSW. This will be a more efficient approach and prevents problems that can occur during the settlement.

Found the right property, what’s next?

Once the client finds the property they’re going to purchase and spoken their accountant, broker and real estate agent. The client may consider contacting a conveyancer. A conveyancer can help provide reports such as pest or building and view the contract to find any discrepancies that might affect the client plans for the property.

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