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Hello Everyone. Proud to share Macarthur’s Power Team with our local experts Shaun Pereira, Jean Galloway and Mario Zannettou.

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Overview of this video

Macarthur property power team, please welcome:

Pereira Realty Group : Shaun Pereira

Galloway Conveyancing : Jean Galloway

Zannettou & Co Chartered Accountants: Mario Zannettou

Accountant: Mario Zannettou.

An accountant makes sure the decisions the clients make from a taxation and financial point of view is financially sound whether it be searching for a property if it be your first home or an investment.

Real Estate Agent: Shaun Pereira.

A real estate agent helps find the right property for the clients based on the accountant financial advice provided. The real estate can also assist the client with what to do with their current home whether it be selling their home or leasing their home.

Conveyancer: Jean Galloway

The conveyancer will look at the client property contract, go through the contract with the client and make sure the property the client is purchasing is the right property. If the client has any concerns on what they can do to their property, a conveyancer can liaise with the counsel to find out any concerns the client has on their property. A conveyancer can also assist you with the sales of your property and get your property on the market.

Why do you need Macarthur’s Power Team?

Its easy, to simplify the process. We are your experts here to guide through the process of your property journey.

Please feel free to call us on 1300 794 387 for a free consultation to discuss your property needs or visit our office located in Queen Street, Campbelltown NSW 2560.

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