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Insurance Broker Tips for Businesses

Hello Everyone. Proud to share our sit down with insurance expert Aaron Stephenson discussing general tips about business insurance.

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Overview of this video

Insurance Broker: Aaron Stephenson

Aaron Stephenson has been in the insurance industry for approximately 25 years running an organisation called AMGI. AMGI are general insurance specialists with offices in Sydney CBD, Narellan and other locations around Australia. AMGI is part of a national group which gives them buying power and affordable products for anyone using their services.

Key considerations regaring insurance that small business should make when starting up a business.

Incorporated companies should consider workers compensation cover, public liability, business contents, stock or business interruptions depending on the nature of their business.

When should a business contact their insurance broker about updating their insurance policy?

The client should contact an insurance broker if there are any changes to the business services, the business has increased their contents significantly, stock or any change of products. 

Aaron Stephenson makes a habit of contacting clients every 6 months via telephone or holding a meeting at their Narellan offices. The review is designed to check how things are going and ascertain whether any insurance changes are required.

What are some of the key advantages of using a general insurance broker to liaise with the insurance company to take out their insurance?

The most distinctive advantages of using a general insurance broker is that the broker works on behalf of the client, gives advice, determine the covers required by the client and seek the most affordable and appropriate insurance cover across a panel of providers.

When dealing directly with an insurance company, the offering is limited to products the company has available.

What is the process on making a claim?

A client would contact Aaron and he would help the client through the entire process, with the aim to achieve the best results for the client.

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