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Commercial Law Tips When Operating A Business

Proud to share my sit down with local leading expert in commercial law Rahul Lachman to discuss some general topics regarding business law. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our offices or Rahul at Marsdens Law Group

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Overview of this video

Business engagements.

Business owners should engage in the right professionals to give tailored advice with regards to your personal circumstances with which your business operates in.

Business structures.

Choosing the right business structure can significantly affect your business’ legal and operational risk, asset protection, tax obligations, legal costs and customers. Some examples of business structures are: Companies Partnerships, Trusts and Sole traders.

Employment contracts.

Hiring employees: It is important to seek legal advice and ensure the employee contract is written and detailed.

Legally binding contracts.

When entering a contract it is important to know the duration, liabilities, indemnities, other rights and obligations under the contract for goods and services when buying or selling.

Business mistakes.

Mistakes may occur in a business due to wrong business structure, not having things in writing or agreements in place and not obtaining professional legal and financial advice.  It is always beneficial to talk to a professional such as your lawyer, accountant, insurance brokers, financial planner and others in regards to your business. 

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