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Insurance Broker Tips for Businesses

Hello Everyone. Proud to share our sit down with insurance expert Aaron Stephenson discussing general tips about business insurance.

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Overview of this video

Insurance Broker: Aaron Stephenson

Aaron Stephenson has been in the insurance industry for approximately 25 years running an organisation called AMGI. AMGI are general insurance specialists with offices in Sydney CBD, Narellan and other locations around Australia. AMGI is part of a national group which gives them buying power and affordable products for anyone using their services.

Key considerations regaring insurance that small business should make when starting up a business.

Incorporated companies should consider workers compensation cover, public liability, business contents, stock or business interruptions depending on the nature of their business.

When should a business contact their insurance broker about updating their insurance policy?

The client should contact an insurance broker if there are any changes to the business services, the business has increased their contents significantly, stock or any change of products. 

Aaron Stephenson makes a habit of contacting clients every 6 months via telephone or holding a meeting at their Narellan offices. The review is designed to check how things are going and ascertain whether any insurance changes are required.

What are some of the key advantages of using a general insurance broker to liaise with the insurance company to take out their insurance?

The most distinctive advantages of using a general insurance broker is that the broker works on behalf of the client, gives advice, determine the covers required by the client and seek the most affordable and appropriate insurance cover across a panel of providers.

When dealing directly with an insurance company, the offering is limited to products the company has available.

What is the process on making a claim?

A client would contact Aaron and he would help the client through the entire process, with the aim to achieve the best results for the client.

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Macarthur’s Power Team

Hello Everyone. Proud to share Macarthur’s Power Team with our local experts Shaun Pereira, Jean Galloway and Mario Zannettou.

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Overview of this video

Macarthur property power team, please welcome:

Pereira Realty Group : Shaun Pereira

Galloway Conveyancing : Jean Galloway

Zannettou & Co Chartered Accountants: Mario Zannettou

Accountant: Mario Zannettou.

An accountant makes sure the decisions the clients make from a taxation and financial point of view is financially sound whether it be searching for a property if it be your first home or an investment.

Real Estate Agent: Shaun Pereira.

A real estate agent helps find the right property for the clients based on the accountant financial advice provided. The real estate can also assist the client with what to do with their current home whether it be selling their home or leasing their home.

Conveyancer: Jean Galloway

The conveyancer will look at the client property contract, go through the contract with the client and make sure the property the client is purchasing is the right property. If the client has any concerns on what they can do to their property, a conveyancer can liaise with the counsel to find out any concerns the client has on their property. A conveyancer can also assist you with the sales of your property and get your property on the market.

Why do you need Macarthur’s Power Team?

Its easy, to simplify the process. We are your experts here to guide through the process of your property journey.

Please feel free to call us on 1300 794 387 for a free consultation to discuss your property needs or visit our office located in Queen Street, Campbelltown NSW 2560.

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$66 Personal Tax Returns – We Are Taking Bookings Now

Hello Everyone. Tax time is coming up. Offering flexible time to ensure that you get your tax return done at a time that best suits you. Evening appointments are also available, as well as time available on the weekends. If you’re looking at maximising your tax refund at a time that is convenience to you, contact us and we will take care of the rest.

Tax Returns

Zannettou & Co Chartered Accountants located in Campbelltown are here to help you with your tax returns. Taking the appropriate care by asking you all the right questions when you’re doing your tax return to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Our prices           Sole trader: $130

                             Personal tax return: $66

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Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone. Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas break and wishing you a happy 2018.

Zannettou & Co Chartered Accountants.

We are excited about 2018 and are proud to announce we will be expanding our team due to high demands  in our financial planning and lending services. Thank you for all the support.

We will  be doing regular videos this year so if there is any specific financial topics you would like us to cover please comment below.

We look forward to working with you in 2018.

Feel free to look at our website for the services we can offer you or visit our office located in Queen Street, Campbelltown NSW 2560.

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Commercial Law Tips When Operating A Business

Proud to share my sit down with local leading expert in commercial law Rahul Lachman to discuss some general topics regarding business law. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our offices or Rahul at Marsdens Law Group

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Overview of this video

Business engagements.

Business owners should engage in the right professionals to give tailored advice with regards to your personal circumstances with which your business operates in.

Business structures.

Choosing the right business structure can significantly affect your business’ legal and operational risk, asset protection, tax obligations, legal costs and customers. Some examples of business structures are: Companies Partnerships, Trusts and Sole traders.

Employment contracts.

Hiring employees: It is important to seek legal advice and ensure the employee contract is written and detailed.

Legally binding contracts.

When entering a contract it is important to know the duration, liabilities, indemnities, other rights and obligations under the contract for goods and services when buying or selling.

Business mistakes.

Mistakes may occur in a business due to wrong business structure, not having things in writing or agreements in place and not obtaining professional legal and financial advice.  It is always beneficial to talk to a professional such as your lawyer, accountant, insurance brokers, financial planner and others in regards to your business. 

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Conveyancing Tips When Investing In Property

Hello Everyone. Proud to share our sit down with conveyancing expert Jean Galloway discussing general tips about investing in property. 

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Overview of this video

What is a conveyancer role?

A conveyancer has a license to do legal work such as preparing documents, giving legal advice on contracts and explaining the implications.

Growth in Macarthur property market.

The growth in the Macarthur region suburbs including Narellan, Oran Park and Camden has risen. Many investors are looking to maximise rental income by buying an older house and building a granny flat (making it a dual dwelling property).

What should you consider when investing in a property?

Consider engaging in the right professionals before investing in a property. Professionals such as your accountant, financial planner, and mortgage broker could help with your investment repayments, other unexpected payments required, tax obligations and much more.

Conveyancing Changes.

As of 1st July 2018 electronic settlements will be compulsory in all matters settling in NSW. This will be a more efficient approach and prevents problems that can occur during the settlement.

Found the right property, what’s next?

Once the client finds the property they’re going to purchase and spoken their accountant, broker and real estate agent. The client may consider contacting a conveyancer. A conveyancer can help provide reports such as pest or building and view the contract to find any discrepancies that might affect the client plans for the property.

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Macarthur Region Property Investment

Hello Everyone. Proud to share our sit down with real estate expert Shaun Pereira discussing general tips about investing in property in the Macarthur region. 

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Overview of this video

Macarthur Region – Property Investment.

The Macarthur region suburbs include Airds, Blairmount, Bradbury, Campbelltown, Catherine Field, Claymore, Currans Hill, Denham Court, Glen Alpine, Gilead, Harrington Park, Ingleburn, Leppington, Leumeah, Menangle Park, Minto, Oran Park, Raby, Rosemeadow, St. Andrews, St. Helens Park and Wedderburn is currently booming with enquiries from people who are looking to buy properties in this location. The value for rental yield at time of publication is estimated at 3.9 – 4.2% on properties.

Who should you contact if you’re interested in property investment?

It would be best to contact an accountant, mortgage broker and real estate who are professionals in their field and can help you with your property investment needs.

The Macarthur region property investment: Top 3 recommendations by Shaun Pereira from Pereira Realty Group.

Suburbs such as St Andrews, Raby and Eagle Vale are properties that can potential receive a higher rental income as there is potential of making the property a dwelling property i.e. building a granny flat turning 1 rental income into 2 rental incomes.

Making money out of the rental market.

The demand for the rental market is popular and there is a potential to receive great returns with investing in property.

Purchasing a property with a real estate agent expert.

Once the client spoken to the mortgage broker, accountant and got their preapproval. Seeking a real estate expert who helps to find out what property you’re after, the style you like, the suburb you’re after and have a plan with the best options that suits you can benefit you. 

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Why your Accountant and Mortgage Broker should work together?

Hello Everyone. Proud to share our sit down with finance broker Michael James from the loan market discussing why your accountant and mortgage broker should work together.

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Overview of this video

Mortgage (Finance) Broker: Michael James.

Michael is a finance broker with loan market who is able to assist clients to obtain finance that may include commercial loans, residential loans, assets and equipment finance.

Working with Zannettou & Co Chartered Accountants.

Zannettou & Co Chartered Accountants located in Campbelltown, servicing the Macarthur region are professionals who are here to help our clients with their needs and reaching their goals.

Regulations for Lending.

Over the years, the government has introduced a range of regulations. The changes may affect the clients borrowing capacity as well as there is eligibility.

Eligibility for Lending.

Lenders look at various type of income when assessing a loan. The way an accountant prepares the client information to the broker is the difference between clients obtaining finance or even obtaining the amount of finance they might require.

How to find the right loan using a mortgage broker?

Brokers have a lending panel of over 30 different banks and lending institutions. This enables the broker to draw upon all the different credit policies that all those banks have and matching the client to the right loan that would allow them to maximise their borrowing potential and making sure that they’re eligible for the loan that they’re applying for.

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